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UMW graduate launches outdoor website

UMW News Bureau

University of Montana Western graduate Zachary Pitts and two boyhood friends are taking social networking to the the great outdoors. By Wally Feldt University of Montana Western graduate Zachary Pitts and two boyhood friends are taking social networking to the the great outdoors. Pitts, a 2008 business administration graduate, joined Devon and Blaine Cox in the creation of the No Name Outdoors website. The three grew up in the small community of Dixon, Mont. “It’s Facebook for people who love to hunt, fish or just spend time enjoying the great outdoors,” Pitts said. The idea was Devon Cox’s senior thesis project for his master’s in business administration degree from Eastern Washington University. “His professor really liked the idea and thought Blaine should take the idea and make it reality,” Pitts added. “Blaine agreed and put a business plan together. I read it and knew I wanted to be a part of it.” The three then formed a limited liability company. Montana Western instructor and local attorney Cecil Jones helped with the legal portion of the company. “Once the specifics were set up, we got busy with the actual site,” Pitts added. “We took our love of the outdoors and everything just fell into place. We wanted to share the traditions of hunting and fishing that we grew up with and connect with other people who share our passion.” Using the basic philosophy of social networking, the website is connecting hunters and fisherman from around the country. “If someone in Florida wants to fly-fish in Montana, he can use No Name Outdoors to connect with someone in Montana who might want to do some deep-sea fishing,” Pitts said. “It is that simple.” The site has grown in popularity since its Sept. 8, 2009 launch. There have been 7,000 page hits with 3,000 different people visiting from all 50 U.S. states and 30 countries. The site has sections on big-game hunting, fishing, bird hunting along with features on the “impressive picture of the month.” There are also articles on wild game recipes and outdoor gear review. Pitts and Blaine Cox also write regular blogs. Pitts invites outdoor lovers to visit the website,, sign up for a free account and share their stories, experiences and photographs.

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