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UMW students to propose parks and trails system

UMW News Bureau

Montana Western business students will give a public presentation on a proposed city of Dillon parks and trails system. A parks and trails class project by University of Montana Western business students could leave a lasting impression on the city of Dillon and the surrounding area. The business students will give a public presentation on their project Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 6 p.m. in the Swysgood Technology Center Great Room on the Montana Western campus. The students completed the framework for a Dillon-area parks and trails system growth plan using a year’s worth of research work compiled by the Community Planning Committee. Students then developed recommendations for defining and expanding the existing parks and trails system for Dillon and the surrounding area. While developing a plan and recommendations for the system, students took into account changing demographics, health and exercise options as well as a growing appreciation of the landscape in and around Dillon. The report’s conclusion states that a well-planned, integrated trail system would mean safe passage between homes, work, shopping and school for residents as well as providing exercise and sightseeing options for tourists to spend more time in the area.

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